How to Make a Realistic Budget for Christmas

Make a realistic budget for Christmas and have a stress-free holiday!

  Does Christmas roll around and leave you scared and overwhelmed about the money you end up spending?  For so long, I had such a love-hate relationship with this holiday.  I loved all of the celebration but hated ending up in debt in January.  Creating a realistic budget for Christmas now will make December so […]

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How to Clean a Front Loading Washer

How to clean a front loading washer. Step-by-step tutorial will make you love your laundry room again!

  Aaaak, what’s that smell?!  Kinda sums up being a mom, right?  Let’s deal with that gross smell coming from your laundry room and find out how to clean a front loading washer. I know, super fun!  But, if you’re sick of your towels smelling like a rotting skunk, you gotta do it.  Okay, “rotting […]

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Top 10 Life Saving Back to School Organization Hacks

Life saving back to school organization hacks! Tips on morning routines, supplies, lunches, backpacks and clothes to make your school day run smoothly.

Are you ready for the kids to go back to school?  Yep, it’s time, right?  Chances are they’re ready too even if they don’t want to admit it.  Let’s get started on the right foot with some life saving back to school organization hacks! No. 1 – Printed Schedules Having a printed schedule to look […]

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Good Life Southern Potato Salad: Classic with a Twist!

Try Good Life Southern Potato Salad! This easy, classic recipe has a few twists like a surprise ingredient in the dressing.

  Every time I serve potato salad, I start out by saying, “It’s not Brandy’s, but it’s okay.”  My friend, Brandy’s, potato salad has always been my gold standard!  It’s sweet, creamy, tangy…all the good things.  I’ve watched her make it dozens of times, but it’s so perfect that I would never try to replicate […]

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How to Make a Smart Budget for Back to School

Ideas for making a smart budget for back to school. Learn where to find the best deals, when to buy and how to save money on clothes, supplies and more!

  Are you freaking out about your budget for back to school?  Even though we know it’s coming, it usually hits like a ton of bricks.  Last year, the average family spent a whopping $501 per child for supplies, clothes, shoes and electronics for #backtoschool! Planning and shopping smarter can help you spend less. Strategy […]

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How to Make Beautiful Monograms with Cricut

Check out this great tutorial on how to design monograms with Cricut Explore Air 2. Learn how to select fonts and size letters so your creations can go on everything!

  Are you obsessed with monogramming?  Me too!  I just love to add monograms to all of my stuff, my daughter’s stuff and possibly even my dog’s stuff.  My husband gave me a Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas so I could do all the things.  Is he good or what? The Cricut is pretty […]

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