Hey!  I’m Kim Mayo, the Good Life Wife.  Thanks for stopping by.  It’s so good to connect with people who love the same stuff.

I married the love of my life in 1994.  Our first date was to a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  We fell in love during the seventh inning and the rest is history.  We have one amazing daughter and one adorable dog named Daisy.  Bless my husband’s heart, there’s a whole lotta estrogen up in here! 

I’m a Momma Now

I didn’t spring into existence the day my daughter was born, which I’m sure is surprising news to her.  My former life included a career that was fun and a bunch of doing whatever the hell I wanted.  Motherhood came a bit unexpectedly to me.  After struggling with infertility, the stars aligned and our sweet girl came to us through adoption.  One minute we were at happy hour and the next, we were driving across the country with a newborn. 

New Budget Reality

Going from two incomes to one is no joke.  Learning how to budget effectively was a process, but we have it down now (mostly).  In fact, I would say we live better today than we did when I worked because I have time to DIY all kinds of pretty things and plan amazing meals, which saves a ton of money. 

Being the Good Life Wife

Living the “good life” can mean many things to many people.  Here’s what it means to me:

  • living in a beautiful, organized space
  • planning and cooking delicious meals
  • living within my means by budgeting
  • finding calm and peace, even when life gets crazy
  • personal growth, learning and evolving

You have the time and energy to pursue the first three things if you practice the last two.

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