Meal planning, creating menus, budget-friendly recipes, how to shop, and printables to make it fun and easy.

The Perfect Christmas Dinner and Just How to Make It

The perfect Christmas dinner! Get a menu, recipes for the main course and sides and free, printable timeline. Christmas dinner? Done!

Did you see my awesome Thanksgiving timeline?  Probably not as there were about a million others online!  But, guess what?  I could only find a few timelines for Christmas dinner, so I got busy making my own.  Because you’re special, I’m going to share it with you, along with a yummy menu, sure to please […]

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Look No Further for the 5 Best Free Holiday Planners

Free holiday planners put joy back into the season! Pages of printable lists and plans will help you stay organized.

The holiday season usually brings a mix of joy and dread!  This is go-time for moms.  We have to decide, plan and execute #allthethings. I’ve rounded up the five best free holiday planners for you to make this year a littler easier.  Some are more minimalist, some are loaded with every imaginable printable to help […]

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Good Life Southern Potato Salad: Classic with a Twist!

Try Good Life Southern Potato Salad! This easy, classic recipe has a few twists like a surprise ingredient in the dressing.

  Every time I serve potato salad, I start out by saying, “It’s not Brandy’s, but it’s okay.”  My friend, Brandy’s, potato salad has always been my gold standard!  It’s sweet, creamy, tangy…all the good things.  I’ve watched her make it dozens of times, but it’s so perfect that I would never try to replicate […]

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Want to be a Better Cook Right Now?

You really can be a better cook, right now! A few changes to your approach in the kitchen are all you need for a more delicious life.

You want more money in your pocket, more sweet, family dinners and to feed your family healthier meals, right?  Simple…be a better cook.  Improving your cooking skills will make spending time in the kitchen something you look forward to, not something you dread.  Okay, I guess we’re done here.  Short post, huh?  Ooohhhh, you want […]

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How to Save Big Bucks on Groceries Every Week

Save on groceries every week! Simple tips on planning and shopping so you can spend less on food for your family.

Are you spending too much on groceries?  If your family is anything like mine, food is the largest part of your budget that you can actually reduce.  You may not be able to cut back your internet or electric bills by much, but you CAN save on groceries every, single week without using coupons! I’ve […]

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How to Make Super Easy Chicken Fajitas

If you need to feed a crowd, this super easy chicken fajita recipe is amazing! Easy clean-up because it all cooks on one sheet pan.

If you need an easy meal, especially for a crowd, these easy chicken fajitas are the answer!  Slice, marinate, dump, cook and serve.  I told you it was easy! This recipe takes a few minutes to prep and only 30 minutes to cook.  Did I mention that you won’t even have to wash a pan? […]

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How to Plan a Yummy Easter Brunch

How to plan a yummy Easter brunch menu! Tips on setting a pretty table and hosting a lovely family meal.

Are you hosting Easter Brunch this year?  Good Life Wife has got you covered with a printable menu and tips for a pretty table setting!  Let’s keep things simple, shall we? Easter Brunch Menu We could serve this meal for brunch, lunch or dinner, even.  As my Easter gift to you, click here for a […]

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How to Make Simple & Creative Meal Plans

Use theme nights to make simple and creative meal plans so you'll always know what's for dinner!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and buy something, I will receive a teensy commission. Rest assured that I will not recommend something that I would not use myself.  For more information, please see my disclosure page. Do you struggle with making creative meal plans?  Do you just cringe when […]

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