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11 Ways to Use a Maxi Pad That Will Shock You

Creative ways to use a maxi pad, mini pad or panty liner. Clean the house, soothe a booboo, germinate seeds and more!

That’s right, y’all, pads aren’t just for “that time of the month,” they’re for ANY time of the month!  After some intensive research and development, I’m ready to share all kinds of ways to use a maxi pad, mini pad or panty liner. No. 1  Duster Simply stick a pad over the end of a […]

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How to Clean Inside Your Oven Glass

Want to know how to clean INSIDE your oven glass? Here's some tips to make it easier.

Without a doubt, cleaning inside your oven glass is one of the trickiest spots in the kitchen!  Did you even know you could get to the inside without taking the door apart?  Me neither! The other day, my mom and I were talking (like we do every day) and she told me to go feel […]

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How to Make an Easy Nautical Shelf

Make this easy nautical shelf for under $10! This DIY project is quick and cheap. Start after lunch and finish by happy hour!

This project was so fun and easy!  Most of the materials were already in our garage, left over from past projects.  The only thing we had to buy was the cleats, for $3 a piece.  This cute nautical shelf was also super fast!  We started after lunch and finished in time for happy hour.  Not […]

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How to Give Up Spring Cleaning for Good

How to give up spring cleaning for good. Tips on keeping your home clean, organized and tidy every day so you don't have to spend hours at a time deep cleaning.

Seriously, who has the time or the inclination to take hours spring cleaning? Not me! Shocking confession: I’ve never really “spring cleaned” my house. The concept is kind of old-fashioned. We just don’t live the way our grandparents did. Our homes are well insulated, so they don’t get as dusty. Most of our houses are […]

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Ultimate Ikea PAX Hack – The Big Reveal!

The ultimate Ikea PAX wardrobe hack! I used Ikea PAX to make custom built-ins for my master closet and the results are amazing. The closet is now beautifully organized.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and buy something, I will receive a teensy commission. Not that Ikea is paying me a commission.  Do they even do that?  I don’t know but there might be something else for you to click, so I’m putting this out there.  For more information, […]

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Set a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table This Year

Set a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table This Year.

Happy Thanksgiving week!  With just a couple of days left until the big day, you’re probably thinking about your Thanksgiving table.  I’m here to make your job a little easier with some beautiful ideas.  Shop your own house for pretty accessories to use on the table; no need to break the bank.  If you’re still […]

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