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How to Change Paint Color in a Room

Wondering how to change paint color in a room?

Did you move into a house with a red dining room from 2001?  Or does that amazing pumpkin shade you painted the laundry room remind you of a construction cone?  Not to worry, you can change paint color with good prep, attention to detail and a little elbow grease. Preparation All successful painting projects start […]

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How to Stage a Home to Maximize Interest

Tips on highlighting your home's best features.

You want to sell your house fast, right?  Yes, of course!  After you’ve cleaned and decluttered like I mention here, you’re going to need to know how to stage a home in order to sell quickly.  Studies show that a staged home spends fewer days on the market.  You aren’t going to fool buyers but […]

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Good Life Guide to Getting Your House on the Market Fast

We had a bit of a surprise recently, and not the good kind.  The people renting our old house decided to move.  After talking with my friend, Barb, who just happens to be a realtor, we learned that the market is hot and we could finally get what we paid out of our home.  We […]

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How to Turn Dirty Cars Into Clean Cars

I Like Clean Cars, and I Cannot Lie I freakin’ love my minivan!  It may not be cool, but it’s so dang comfy and practical.  Seven people or a sheet of plywood can fit inside.  My sweet ride is a 2012 and, in my heart, I know that we’ll have to part company at some […]

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Discover the Magic of Cleaning Routines

Here comes your fairy godmother!  I’ve come to help you maintain a clean house, my dear. Here’s a magic spell (insert Disney magic wand sound)…The magic is routine. Routines help you work on auto-pilot.  Once you develop these routines, you won’t even have to think about them.  They lose their magic if they aren’t done every day […]

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4 Day Plan to Get Your House Completely Clean

Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up Wow, cleaning the house…not one of my favorite things.  Living in a clean house, though?  Yes, that’s awesome, so it follows that you gotta get it done.  We’re going to get this joint clean like our mother-in-law is coming.  You don’t have to do this all in one […]

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